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  1. If you soak the cart in rubbing alcohol the remaining wax will come off into the alcohol. Then, you can dump the alcohol into a big silicon container or into a little tin-foil boat and then burn off the alcohol, and it leaves you with just the wax. If you use foil you basically have to smoke it off the foil but if you use a big silicon container then it leaves you just a nice little wax puddle to scoop up at your leisure

  2. Good video. I just got a 1 ml.. Nothing.. Replaced it.. Nothing. I think the thickness of the wax is too much for the atomizer. I checked the wires.. Both are where they should be.

  3. Shouldn't dab pg/vg mixes. At high temps they offgas a poisonous chemical. They are harmless in pens bc low temp pen batteries use. Don't dab it, put it in another cart.

  4. Also try using a tubing cutter if you have one.. it's quick smooth… Under 10 seconds EVERY time guaranteed. Right at the seam of plastic/metal at the top. Heat it up with a hair dryer or under hot water before you cut off top, pour into container. Or other cartridge.

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