Breathe Easier Smoking Facts and Cessation Tips

Smoking continues to be an issue that impacts the respiratory health of many people. Dr. Todd Mahr provides us with facts about smoking and guidance on how …


  1. No ivali is not from a product from china liar!
    Ellegal thc streetvape crap with vitamine e acetate oil.
    But you can't say that.
    Again you are a shaming anti vape guy spreading lies.
    Stay with the facts.

  2. Accept harm reduction.
    A 97% safer alternative.
    42million vapers arround the world.
    About 20 years on the market and not a single disease found from it.
    You speaking about formaldehyde etc haha heavy metals bla bla.
    All about the levels of harm.
    You can found this in normal air but not at toxic levels.
    Verry misleading buddy.
    Stop spreading this misleading story's. Verry shaming

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