Bitcoin strong hands accumulated while short-term weak hands dumped! Tax delays, UBI, Fedcoin, Mixer

Los Angeles, CA- Welcome to the 1 Bitcoin show! The stats are in and they show that Bitcoin strong hands accumulated during the crash while short-term weak …


  1. Sry man, but you're just wrong about the same number of people dying w/w/o the shut down. The hard science says the opposite. Also you're diluting your brand every time you associate with Hoffman. Dude is a total joke.

  2. Hahaha, what a show! These are truly incredible times to keep an eye on the world. Music to my ears what I'm hearing about the money printing. Keep it coming! The bankers are already hooked up, but now the common folk are getting it too? Please, please, please follow through with it, dear politicians!

    We all know there is nothing as permanent as a temporary government measure. So if regular people get a feel for airdrops, politicians will have to outbid each other and race the dollar to the bottom. Then contrasts will finally show, and Bitcoin will emerge as the real, hard money. At a monetary crisis, everyone falls through the rabbit hole of sound money. Bitcoin has never existed at such an event, but that is about to change. How soon, I don't know. But whoever isn't at least reassessing their predictions now, simply aren't paying attention.

  3. The golden boy of crypto returns friday great i like andy miss him good ol adam still stackin i smiled last week when i looked at the market cap and i'm going mad waiting 4 payday stay well dude and rember tomorrow one tenth btc will be worth more than what one btc is worth today

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