Best Moments From Rob Gronkowski's CBD Press Conference

Former New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski addressed the media on Tuesday and talked about why he retired, why he’s getting into the CBD game, …


  1. The only thing the NFL cares about is their bottom line, so I'm glad that Gronk is looking out for himself. Now as someone with MS, I understand Rob's point. Oh ya, cannabis was the only thing that helped my nephew, a 2x Iraq War vet.

  2. Gronk, you have done more than enough for New England Patriots, as a Pats Fan & a Father, I think you made a great decision to retire. I know you have had issues with your back, don't mess with your health, it's not worth it.

  3. I love and will miss Rob, but hearing his explanation, I'm glad he retired. He did it for himself and his mental and physical health, much like Andrew Luck. Luck is a good QB, and I hope he enjoys his retirement.

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