1. We just legalized recreational pot here in Arizona so I’m wondering what would give me the best bang for my buck at 48 to get high for the first time ever. I want to feel stoned.

  2. I'm just getting into cannabis and have smoked super silver haze, which is about 20% THC. One hit and I was gone. I mean, literally, I had trouble staying conscious. Nothing euphoric or energetic, just oblivion. Taste was awesome though! Is it really a good idea to recommend beginners the Pink Kush (25-35% THC)?

  3. Charlotte actually passed away recently. Poor girl 🥺🖤 Her strain helps so many people though, if it wasn’t for her they wouldn’t have made it.

  4. Dude omg I love u I like how real you keep it u dont sugar coat anything u say it the way it is and your so chill I feel so inspired when I watch your videos bud keep making the content bro

  5. Blue dream is the best beginner bud it’s not stupid fire like runtz or gelato but blue dream is a classic always a good high and a hybrid with give you a relaxed body feeling but keep up awake cause you got the sativa high. Blue dream in my top 10 mariquana strain smoked tons of it back in the day and any time I find some good blue dream I gotta cop some

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