1. No wonder this "review" gained so many thumbs down as it shows the most expensive and most cost consuming solutions. For each of this "devices" you can buy several 7-25 watt LED bulbs and light your plants with wider light spectrum without fancy stuff showed here. This was a friggin' product placement rather than honest review or recommendation. You have missed prices of each option, price per sq inch/cm, power consumption, lightness equivalent in lumens and few specs more.

  2. Ok, it is 2020 not 2018. Blurple lights are old school. Aside from the fact that you cannot see your plants normally these lights that you mentioned don’t provide the best edficiencies as new led lights do (2.0 jmol or better). This is a much better list:
    Electric Sky 300 v2 (amazing lights)
    Optic 8 (Great coverage area)
    Mars Sp-250 (Best lights for the money)
    HLG 1000 watts (very expensive but does great work)
    Mars Hydro TSW 2000 (You cannot beat the 900 PAR output for $280 USD)

    For the money, the new Mars Hydro lights are the most economical and most effective lights with the best PAR outputs.
    Honorable mention goes to Spyder Farm for small grows (2×2)

  3. ummmm how about black dog led as number one and kind led as number two. alright I dont know about that order but I'm a huge fan of black dog led and fur sur know its better then anything on this list, so is kind led ( never ran kind led though just have heard great things so totally can't speak full to it).

  4. I think you're wrong I have a platinum 450 with 5 watt LED and a G8 900 with 3 watt LED whoever told you 2 watt led chip's are more efficient you're pulling more electric to run those two watt chips than three or five watt

  5. I have two 300watt full spectrum in my tent. But I switched to auto flowers and I think I need more reds to get my chunky candy to Max out . What's ur thoughts on this and could I put a red led next to my other led light and get good results?

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