1. Thank you everyone for sharing and commenting on our video. We truly hope it's helped you in some way. What a crazy time we are ALL going through right now. Cities all over the planet are literally closing down for a while to us get over this hump. It's tough but we need to all be sure to do our part to help control this thing. Self-isolate, stay healthy, have patience, help others if you have the means, and keep your minds sharp. We will need you all once we get on the other side of this.

  2. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Covid comes to my town. I will watch this for the rest of my life whenever I need to remember how I felt because this nailed it precisely.

  3. Truly beautiful. I don't understand any of the negative comments –– there are moments not filmed during the rain that look just as empty btw. And there's no reason to be making comments about class war, etc. Then you're missing the point. This video is powerful and we will overcome as one people. If you're from Austin or have lived in Austin for an extended period of time and don't get emotional watching this video or understand what it's communicating, then I'd posit you don't understand what Austin is really about.

  4. If you are reading this comment, I leave you a little message.

    I love you, in hard times we must stick together. Help each other, and be grateful of what we have. We’ll get through this together…. stay safe and I’m always here for you.

  5. When the hell was this taken? I live in Austin and the streets are crowded af, only half the people are wearing masks. Two weeks ago it was cold and rainy. Maybe they managed to get a few good shots of it being empty.

  6. Haha u picked a thunderstorm to film empty streets. I’m literally downtown on a tower crane and I haven’t seen anything close to that film.

  7. 🤠 I'm a local truck driver here in Austin. Doing deliveries with out traffic has been too easy. I must admit, I really miss the daily grind of Austin traffic. I miss the annoying drivers on cellphone taking their sweet time, little cars cutting me off, homeless people randomly jay walking, long traffic lines on I-35. Anyway, hopefully soon life returns back to normal here in Austin Texas.

  8. This video shows about the 1/8th of Austin. The rest of Austin, the small pockets of working poor and working class are always ignored. They're the ones still working, serving the rich yuppies and bourgeoisie of the city, as they always do.

  9. Beautiful video and while watching I just let the tears fall. I've been here for 18 years I watched this city grow from a tiny place with no a lot of traffic to bursting full of excitement! I miss it and hopefully will be back to normal soon.

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