Aurora Stock 2019! ACB Revenues Up Over 300% – Is It A Buy? 💚

Aurora Stock, one of the most hyped Cannabis stocks in the market reported their Q2 2019 earnings this week. ACB Stock had some incredible numbers …


  1. Aphria is better, much smaller market cap and bigger room to grow and still a decent market share compared to canopy n aurora. You have to be patient with this due to new management organization after the short sell report.

  2. Nick – I did my part to get you to 200 likes. 🙂 I hope we get to see a more in depth video on Aurora.  

    I agree that the cannabis space is going to be huge, but I think the majority of cannabis stocks have gotten way ahead of themselves, including Aurora. The company is bleeding cash and already has more long term debt than cash on its books. The market cap is north of $7B USD and share dilution is all but certain. If history is any indicator, the dilution will be substantial (68% and 55% dilution in prior 2 years alone).  

    I admit this is outside my core competency, but reading balance sheets and factoring in forward looking numbers is not. I plan to invest in cannabis at some point, but at this stage it reminds me of Internet companies in 1999. Most everything was overvalued, everything tanked, then the survivors thrived and that's where the real money was made. Just my opinion of course.  

    As I said, would appreciate seeing a more in depth video as I have lots to learn in the space. Cheers…

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