1. Hey Gilbert how you doing
    Hows the ianthis. Dude my marijuana Oil stock NEPT, started making Hand Sanitizer in North Carolina, boom went up 69 cents today ; ) is that funny or what. One day all this will all be over Gilbert and I'm going to roller coaster shorts between Tilray and Neptune, you know. My Las Vegas Giantest Marijuana Store in the World stock is barely holding on to 1.00. I'm buying in on ACB at 56 cents : )
    I bought some DDD man, I'm retiring my horse and buggy, Brand Stinking New Tires Gilbert , ' )

  2. About Aurora and the news today: "Peltz Contract is options to buy at 7.50 a share 10m are available when the stocks trades above 30.00USD for three trading days in a row. Also has the 20m options he can buy at 7.50 when the stocks trades above 40.00USD for three trading days in a row. He stands to make 500m at the 40.00 level. " So does that mean that these numbers for Peltz are also x12, so 12x 30 USD or 12x 40USD? I hope so! 13.04.2020

  3. I am still buying…

    NEW YORK (Reuters) – The New York Stock Exchange said on Monday it was in talks with regulators to temporarily ease its listing requirements to take the strain off companies that may have fallen out of compliance due to the market rout spurred by the coronavirus.

  4. Open stores in Canada is # 1. The biggest market they can take advantage of now… Is in Canada. No doubt the mj industry will be massive in time. It's still illegal in so many places but legalization is gaining momentum. Great vid.

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