1. Attention Attention the crickets are out today…..who won last night? UVA go HOOS for anyone that talked garbage eat it TOLD YA all season was gonna happen CHIRP AWAY BOYS! 🤣

  2. @ 6:50 — "The Gradual sink into Nothingness, that is the life of an Auburn fan" — the Absolute Greatest quote to start the 2cnd quarter of the 2019 year !!! 🤣😆😂🤣😆

  3. Man it was funny but they did get robbed and it wasn't that it wasn't a foul but the guy double dribbled before the foul ever happened. Should have been Auburn ball game over.

  4. Before even watching because I know this is going to trigger me 😂 it was a great run. Losing chuma really hurt and I believe if we had not of lost him we would have won it all. But we did lose him and lost on a blown double dribble call and a tacky foul call on the three. Regardless if it was auburn playing or anyone you can’t make that call. Let the kids decide the outcome not your whistle. Unless it’s a blatant or obvious call. For example. A double dribble. But it was a great season. One I’ll remember for ever.

  5. Bahahah all the Auburn fans ain’t gonna live up to the fact that they choked. At the beginning he gave y’all credit for y’alls good season and it’s pretty funny to see y’all get all worked up over nothing

  6. I think Guarantano tearing that "barner ass" was funnier…..TN's first SEC win in 2 yrs….LOL…..btw TN fouled the 3 point shooter at the end of the Purdue game cost them the game too…..

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