Afghan hemp cbd flower from Five Leaf Wellness

This is my review of The Strain called Afghan hemp. This comes from Five Leaf Wellness. Nothing is for sale here, I don’t sell these products I only review them.


  1. Don't tell me u think this whole rona thing is a big deal .. i mean if you have health issues wear a mask and protect yourself or have someone u "live" with to think about yeah but no mask here never been sick nor anyone in my family and I haven't stopped working

  2. Heavy hitter, Mike Tyson, my Chevys bigger, I'm ridin, if I got a trigger, I'm lyin, bout to face the Lions, got some Bears on the side an, the Tigers just ah growlin, ridin round the projects, trippin on the chronic……😀😃

  3. No matter how you break it up your gonna lose trichomes regardless if it’s scissors grinder or by hand. Grinder may lose a lil extra but not seen any scientific evidence to prove it as of yet

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