A Tale of Two Drugs; THC & GABApentin. Dr. Ian Mitchell: 2019 CannSolve Summit – Cannabinoids & Pain

A Tale of Two Drugs; THC & GABApentin. Dr. Ian Mitchell: 2019 CannSolve Summit – Cannabinoids & Pain Video by Mastermind Studios.


  1. I was on a high dose of gabapentin for over a year, getting off it was pretty much hell. The withdrawal was immediate and lasted intensely for several weeks. It's definitely a drug you can become heavily dependent on and not even realize it. I was on a high dose and never experienced any "euphoric" effects, but I sure had withdrawals coming off of it.

  2. Here's you some evidence, I used to take gabapentin and I am in recovery and on subutex now for going on 4 1/2 yrs. And I used to buy gabapentin off the streets not to get high but to stay out of withdrawal from not having heroin at the moment, they were also cheap like .50 cents to 1$ depending on the miligram per pill bc when you take several of them or even just one 300mil. Pill it keeps ppl from 1. Throwing up, 2.having diarrhea,3.having body aches and pain, 4. Also helps you sleep peacefully while in withdrawal from no opiates, 5. Also keeps you from being mean to family, and those are just the Top 5 that one addict can think of , they don't really get you high in a heroin or opiate kind of way, they help you be normal and functioning as an addict, seriously Dr.s these days need to sit down and start listening to the addicts who made the choice to get sober, and get the raw details and truth of our "disease" bc the studies are lies, must be how they get grants from the government or something heck idk my disease was also my choice, guess who the new money ball is now days ????!!! You guessed it, all the addicts with the Addiction Disease, we all used to be outcast, and now our governments have taught their ppl to accept it, bc we are a "diseased ppl" heck some places even set up facilities with heroin and new needles to come shoot up at, what's up with that, we are all guinea pigs

  3. If you decide to start a trial I would be happy to volunteer. I keep getting prescriptions for gabapentin. CONSTANTLY. I don’t see it does anything for me. So I’ve still been taking it because the doctors say to. But I have tried cannabis and have a much better relief with my pain.

  4. The world is so backwards.
    Its like we want instant everything with these greedy company's. I bet if we were honest and really helped eachother. As a whole, humans could evolve. But the crabs in a barrel we just arent educated enough. They put me on Gapapentin for Bi- polar.

  5. I take gabapentin for my foot neuropathy. I noticed mild memory loss as at times I couldn’t remember certain minor things. My primary Doctor told me that this is one of gabapentins side effects.

  6. If it weren’t for Gabapentin, I wouldn’t be able to function. I’ve only been on it for about a week, and for the first time in years, I can easily get out of bed and move around.

  7. Yes I use cannabis for my back pain and gabapentin I could not walk or sleep for years then I started with cannabis edibles and about 3-4 weeks later I was able to walk a bit then I was put on the gabapentin and had some improvements but the pain has not gone away . the pain is less severe about 3 average but have flair ups if I walk to far or carry groceries or twist the wrong way I think the cannabis has done a better job than the gabapentin but that's just me.

  8. I have taken 900 mg gabapentin for a few years for neuropathic pain in my feet. Sometimes I add THC via edibles, tincture or vape. (Not a fan of smoking flower) The combo is very good for me. Unfortunately the cost of THC (I'm in the US) is so high that I have to use it very sparingly. It's a shame that the drug is so heavily taxed because many more people might be able to have access to this life changing drug. It is definitely not the same drug as it was when I was a kid in the 70's. A little goes a long way!

  9. I take 1800mg gabapentin, 32mg buprenorphine, 10mg zopiclone, 68mg ritalin per day. If weed was legal in Sweden i would’nt have to take all this shit. Well, maby the Subutex… but not as much.

  10. I thought it was great because I didn’t feel messed up. But I soon found my scalp and hair was like I had been embalmed or something. My scalp would not move. My head felt hard and when u pulled on the hair it would stop. The scalp wouldn’t move. I thought it was doing this to me so I quit taking it and in a few months I could feel my scalp move again.

  11. Gabapentin caused severe brain fog for me, some days I couldn't even get my words out of my mouth, i slowly titrated my self off of this med, feel way better

  12. Additionally, I was a real stoner growing up so many years ago. But today I use the cannabis to replace the opiates that I was on for so long. I don't really get HIGH anymore, just medicated. But it doesn't show! I'm comfortable with my quality of life!

  13. I blew out my back in 2000 and was treated at the VA for years. So many pills (29/day)… Ultram, Flexaril, Zoloft, Gabapentin, oxycontin, Morphine, and the next step was Methadone! I refused to go under the knife and requested medical cannabis. Can't get in South Dakota, Minnesota or Iowa, so I moved to California! I've taken only 7 naproxen in the past 8years! I smoke the cannabis from morning til night! And I'm still mobile!
    Had I gone with the surgery, I would have been in a wheelchair today. The world needs to open their minds to the natural medicine that is provided by our CREATOR above!

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