8: Cybin Deep Dive – Psychedelics 2.0, a Real Pharma CEO, Twists on DMT, and Mushroom Supplements?

Cybin Corp / Cybin Inc is a Psychedelics 2.0 company focused on new innovations in psychedelic drugs. In this episode of Brom Talks, we investigate the Cybin …


  1. You should do some videos of the results psychedelics have been getting thus far in clinical trials. Make sure to bring up how they’re beating traditional anti-depressants (super important). You can also frame it as a david vs. goliath thing: psychedelics startups taking on the big bad pharma industry.

    Anyway, excellent stuff so far!

  2. Excellent analysis thank you!! Other companies I would be interested in are (in order of priority): Bright Minds Biosciences, Mindset Pharma, Algernon Pharmaceuticals, Seelos Therapeutics. Cheers!

  3. Love the choice for your non paid infomercial selection. Looks like what what I used to clean the cloth diapers with when my son was younger. It came in handy with the pandemic. Everyone was worried about not finding toilet paper, not me. 😝

  4. Great content as always, very clear and consice. I'm also now entirely sold on that bidet! I'd add the company name a hashtag or added to the botton of the video discription so that the company you're creating faux ads for might find it when they search keywords.

  5. Great idea with the fake ads to generate interest from companies in yourself, the spotify channel and clips channel. I think that extra effort to cater to different audiences will go a long way for you.

  6. One of the reasons I enjoy watching your deep dives, other then interest in the sector, is that you are very concise and have very few cuts. Most Youtubers need to cut and splice 100s of times and they are still all over the map. Maybe as you grow the channel you can start doing DD on popular upcoming IPOs/RTOs…Wonder if the Youtube algo would pick up on the hot tags since searches will likely increase as the company listing approaches. Thanks for the content.

  7. do a video about how the market works. how prices are set. what is the job of market makers. any all the other behind the scenes mechanics (especially that led to problems with GME buying/selling). i see lot's of questions about that and only have a fuzzy idea about it all

  8. I like pretty much those deep-dive analyses of psychedelics stock and I think you should stick with it. Every creative endeavor has a pareto distribution, for example 2% of ML content creators get 98% of the views, if you are too late or not very extraordinary then you will probably land in the 98%. The same with stocks, there are already other content creators. But with psychedelics I think you stuck gold, this a very early field that few people know about and thus the competition is low. There aren't many youtube channels that cover the sector, there is department capital, but they look at the stock price/news, then there the psychedelic investor which presents news, but there is none that makes such a deep analysis If you stick with psychedelics I think you will grow with the sector. Also a suggestion you can take very company from the PSYK ETFs and make a video very about it, many investors that will plan to invest in any of those company will stumble on your channel. For the next video could you do a video about Red Light Holland.

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