2019 Outdoor Grow chopping down the girls drying and storage

Cutting the girls down and showing how I hang dry my buds and some of my process. I will try to show a trim bag video even though they don’t pay me I just want …


  1. 2nd vid i’m watching from you and it’s killer bro. I like that you isolate a couple branches for seeds. never seen anything like that. Keep it up man you’re killing it.

  2. Hell yeaa man get all your gro in or cover em grl over the RIPPERS are everywhere, beautiful grow this year Mr. very proud of you and all the back breaking work ya put into this, until someone goes through a year of starting, tending, early morning, late evening, always watching talking to your babies no one would even think (HARD WORK) but we know. much love, peace, stay blessed my friend.

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