🧩🌿What about CBD & Autism? Nonverbal Autistic Twin Boys use CBD: Update on How It’s Working

Does CBD cure autism??? Of course I have thoughts on the matter, lol! (Also includes an update on how CBD is doing for us.) We’re a family of 6, doing life with …


  1. Didn't get anything from cbd. We are using organic virgin coconut oil 3 times a day. This plus b vitamins, vitamin c, magnesium and cod liver oil.

  2. My son was just approved for CBD with THC today. I just want his aggression to go down. It has hindered progress during therapies. Your sons are precious!

  3. I am wondering if a "cbd" / hemp oil with less processing to have more nutrients or other cannabinoids like CBC or even low low amounts of THC. I'm describing a 40 : 1 ratio of cbd to thc but it is there.

    I think an oil that is not processed to take away the "impurities" for lack of a better word would be a great option to look into.

    A cool company called "Apical Greens" even uses the oil for their OCD daughter with remarkable results. It got so bad that their daughter asked for a lock on her door to keep others, in order to keep it neat. Now her parents are actually relieved to see toys on the floor!

    This company sells what they call a "holistic blend" which just leaves EVERYTHING in the oil and doesn't take away anything. Possibly these other materials could be a benefit to your family. This company frequently (many times per year) has a sale that you can take advantage of–in fact there's a sale more often than not when I visit their page.

    I hope you find this information helpful and hopefully this plant contains something we're not aware of yet to help this condition.

  4. CND oil is great but it's not everything. To cure the root of sleep, the majority of autistic children need bifidoprobiotics, as these generate GABA (the "sleeping" brain neurotransmitter) which then travels up the vagus nerve into the brain. It is made my autistic son sleep a LOT better and as a side benefit is also far less constipated as bifidoprobiotics also generate buytric acid which relieves constipation.

  5. Hello, I am the mother of a little girl with autism! I administer cdb with the lowest concentration of 2.5%! we have seen improvements in sleep and visual attention. We want to ask you what your child's oil concentration is? 🙏🏻

  6. Amber , I loved this video, reminds me of my George when he started making progress with a bit more obvious understanding , If you have any time check out some of my vlogs and see what you think , love watching your lads, very similar to my lads a few month ago x

  7. Thank you….very informative…still haven't convinced my son and his wife to give CBD a try, but then again they are open to hearing about it….very frustrated on my part…I hesitate to approach the subject…I wait for an opening and then bring it up again…been a while as far as an opening….anyhow, I do look forward to your videos….My grandson, Simon is 5….lower end of autism spectrum….God bless you and your family….

  8. I was told that many years ago my uncle would not respond to his dad's wakeup call in the morning and would continue sleep tucked in his blanket. So after 3 days of non compliance on the 4th day his dad called him to wake up in the morning and when he didnt wake up he unloaded a bucket full of water on him. After that day uncle would always get up as soon as he heard his name called out lol. Perhaps we need some tough love ?

  9. I'm here showing love & support like I always do😁thanks for sharing because I really do appreciate the upload👍and come check out our new upload of our Daughter Singing🎤 Blessings to you & your family🙏

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