💊 The curious case of BERNIE SANDERS and JEREMY CORBYN and the ANTI SOCIALISTS! The irony! 😁

Running total: 1.87% gain since the 11th of February 2020 Trade 1, XBTUSD, 1.23% loss (11th Feb 2020) DMT Bot Trade 2, XBTUSD, 2.48% win (11th Feb …

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  1. I agree with the irony you highlighted but I wouldn't define 'pure socialism' as bailing out businesses etc… It's more a case of businesses using socialism to be bailed out.
    It's not as such about bailing people out it is more about taking it over as national service. During the recession the UK bailed out the banks, they essentially nationalised it. It was a good idea despite the 'bailing out' rhetoric, but the bank was very quickly privatised again. In that instance the bank was bailed out because it was only nationalised for a short period. Ideally, it should have remained nationalised.
    I think that's the important thing now. if Trump or Johnson start bailing out big businesses, then it should be nationalised and remain nationalised

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