1. Wyoming, or at least the part I live in, hasn't gotten a stay-at-home order yet, and I'm eternally grateful that we haven't (if we get one, I'll be furious) – almost everywhere in WY is so isolated from everywhere else that I'm optimistic. My family is in MN, though, so they're stuck under one right now.

  2. I’m in Iceland no lockdown yet! But I only go out if necessary! Go out for a drive when I get bored of the TV! I have been doing a lot organizing stuff!!

  3. Im in Canada alone w nurses coming in and out if i could take care of myself i would, it scares me that they r outside seeing others then come to me. I have lupus and am paralyzed from a back surgery gone wrong. Ive been catching up on napping and online shopping for masks and sanitizer:(( love u guys i missed u so much i found u threw jackies vlogs:)) thanks so much for posting everyday it helps me alot:)))

  4. We are in Ohio and we have the stay home order. However it's nothing much new for us since hubby doesn't hardly go out anyways. I had to laugh when you discovered a Whopper is good! 🤣 Anyways stay safe and take care!!!

  5. I am on lock down in ILLINOIS , and it is scary around here, if we go to parks or walk around anywhere other than our neighborhood we could get a ticket. Police are everywhere making sure nobody walks in public.

  6. 0:15 I am from Salt Lake City Utah and Salt Lake City is now on a stay at home order. I wish they would change how people go to the store. Not letting people walk through the store and do an updated version of how my grandparents went to the store as kids. Instead of people touching things in the store the stores need to line people up outside that can't order their things on line and then drive up to pick them up. There would be a line for people who are not sick, A line for those who don't know if they are sick and you would show your ID. This would stop the hording that has been going on and make shore everyone gets something. You would order your groceries on a tablet or the person behind the table would help you and someone inside the store would gather your groceries and after you pay they would bring them to a certain point where they would be bagged and then they would hand them to you. I myself have no choice but to ride public transit if I have to go to the store. With people not touching something like a box of cereal and deciding to put it back and someone else picking it up that is a good way to keep spreading this COVID-19.
    I know we can fight this if we just go back to basics and slow down.
    Love your video.

  7. I'm in the UK and it's a weird time been on full lockdown since the end of my milestone birthday. I can travel for food and medication both which are essential for me. Where I am no home delivery services from food shops for at least 4 weeks currently. I couldn't celebrate my birthday the way I wanted to but I thinking of the epic party. Keep safe everyone

  8. I’m in TX. I’ve been resting and catching up on YouTube and Netflix. I need to clean the house but I haven’t felt too hot so, that’ll have to wait

  9. I’m in the UK 🇬🇧 and I am disabled and it’s stressful worrying whether my carers will still come. I have ordered my groceries for home delivery so hoping there isn’t too many items unavailable 🤞👍🙏🏻

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