​Cannabis and its effect on mental health

Cannabis is a well known drug which is known to alter the mind and body. It is also known as “pot”, “weed”, “ganja”, “marijuana” and many other slang terms.


  1. Its a drug like any other. In some people it'll be beneficial, and should be used as a medicine. In others, its neither beneficial nor harmful, your average once in a while, recreational smoker. In some, its harmful. People with mental illnesses should stay away from it.

  2. There are many studies that show cannabis effects mental health negatively. You can go to google scholar and search "cannabis mental health" or "cannabis happiness" etc and you will find studies showing it.

  3. I will never touch marijuana again. If it helps others that’s great but it ain’t for me. It put me into a horrible psychotic episode years back. There are studies that have shown it brings out schizophrenia in people. I am one of those.

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