1. It’s the method in which they drink at the gourd that metal piece and the heat it’s the preparation of it it’s not the mate itself and they keep that hot metal piece in their mouth it looks like a straw it’s probably full of radiation also it’s ionizing radiation

  2. hold on. I thought it was the specific chemical that releases in the Yerba mate when warmed up( PAH- polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which are also found in grilled meat) that causes the cancer and not the thermal injury.

  3. From all my research the unsmoked version is a healthy drink and I drink this every day. The smoked version of the Yerba contributes to cancer the same way smoked fish contributes or a BBQ does. Its minimal really It’s all about moderation. The studies that were done had so many variables and people around that part of the world have been drinking it for thousands of years. You should not drink yearns boiling as it destroys all the vitamins and minerals.

  4. I thought it was also the carbon in the smoke drying of the leaves. I notice the company Guayaki recently started writing the words "air-dried" on their bottled cold drinks. probably due to questions about the possibility of carbon in their leaves.

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