1. She is the true ‘Beautiful Inside and Out’..her mind is endless, she thinks outside the box. Very young with a mind of her own. Beautiful young woman. Kudos to your parents as well.

  2. The things is: you're doomed if you do & you're doomed if you don't. Kids born in extremely wealthy or famous families want to be "normal" & complain about their lifestyle. Kids who get born in poor families want wealth & to be famous & complain about being middle class or working class. Jada & Will's kids constantly moan about the media & their life but any starving child in Africa would give anything to have an opportunity to their education, the love they receive, money, food and clean water. Nobody ever seems to be happy with what they have.

  3. Nothing against Willow but a dead bear lying on the floor is so sad and actually really not very spiritual. I feel she is a spiritual person .It is so contradictory and also upsetting that someone killed a magnificent animal to make a rug! WTF

  4. I think willow Smith is very smart and she knows where she's going in life when the norm is that teens don't know where they are going. In my 30s I knew where I was going, that's after I dealt with my trauma as a child.I'm always happy when kids know what they want. YOU GO GIRL!!!

  5. "We look on our phones and we see people dying right next to us and we're sitting there about to go get a latte-it breaks you down" THIS!
    This reminds me of the time I was having a latte in Starbucks with friends and I literally saw a guy inject himself with a heroin needle in his thigh, falling over in agony right in front of our faces but separated by nothing but a pane of glass and social class.

    Since the first 2020 global lockdown, I have seen myself and countless others having been homeless through no fault of their own. Many turn to drugs. I did not. As a result nobody in 2020 believed I was really homeless because I dressed well and never begged directly. My boyfriend hasn't survived well since we were made homeless. I mean our house burnt down two weeks prior to the first global lockdown! What do you expect?

    Like Willow Smith it is my mission to stand for the truth and present the facts on what is really going on in the U.K. She has inspired me over the years to not give up on my mission which is to raise the human consciousness. I want to make the world a better place especially after it took half a year to crawl tooth and nail out of imposed homelessness in 2020.

    Who here is with me?

    Help support my channel by subscribing to my weird girl channel.
    I say this because my channel is my ONLY means of self-expression and communication in London.

    There are no jobs left here.

    So I plan on developing my skills online and becoming a full-time youtuber.

    I turn 30 this year and I fear my time is running out.

    I want to reach as many people as possible so I can help spread the truth and the hope needed to get out this hellish reality.
    Also please like this comment to show you have read this.

    Thank you for your time.

    May good things come to for reading this comment.
    Bring on 2021!

  6. Honest civilize Good sense is often frowned upon,when it should be value as precious as gold! Where are the good examples in our black youth! Or for that matter race. Instead it’s like father like son like mother like daughter. Wink wink

  7. The girl is deep and I see my girl Charlize Glass in the blue. Willow is in her own grp of intelligence and heightened enlightenment. Keep digging g deep beautiful and you will see God, his Son blow you away as you see how close you are to understanding spiritual Godly wisdom cause you are awesome

  8. Wait… Let me speak now… You basically said that a lot of girls that look like you don't feel beautiful? In what world is this? What the hecks going on in hollywood? Little beautiful eyed princesses like this don't feel beautiful there? O.k. let me ask this then…. If this pretty little queen doesn't feel beautiful in hollywood, then who does? Am i missing something?

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