1. Mannn I just cold turkey stopped because of what it really does to us spiritually and opens us to things we don’t want. But on top of that i need to be focused. So i feel this

  2. I recently just quit. My boyfriend still smokes a lot which i dont mind but he complains that i stopped. I began to be more motivated and energetic vs when i used to get high all the time. My perspective changed. I feel lame that i stopped, bc the ppl around me do it and come at me. It was hard to quit in the beginning i couldnt sleep much and didnt eat much but i feel better now.

  3. I smoked for 40 years and allways enjoyed a puff each day , most days … this year 2020 i noticed some strains were toxic to the brain as most growers are using fertilizers and fugicides made in china that cause brain and nervous system disfunction such as dizzy , vertigo , headache , head pressure , twitches , weakness , nausea , only 1 gram smoked each day ,
    With organic no problems , but most others are toxic to me and most i know , that was a great vid bud ty

  4. I was smoking weed daily when I was 16-17. Quit at 18 and took up boxing. Became a Muslim. Won multiple tournaments. I learnt that if you become addicted and attached to anything other than your self growth then it’ll keep you back from your potential. Stay blessed y’all!

  5. I have been smoking since high school also.
    It's been 3 weeks and so proud of myself.
    Been smoking alot, especially since COVID.
    Spirit spoke to me and I'm finishing this year strong with a proper cleanse. Drink some garlic tea, or eat a clove in the mornings. It's also clears up the mucus in your lungs. Blessings from Jamaica

  6. Yooooo I really think smoking weed as a teenager does soooo much psychological crippling that we don’t even realize cuz we are so young 🙁 who ever thought we’d be in our twenties/thirties and daily smoking … like WHY?! Lord help us and deliver us. Tomorrow is my first day I’m trying to stop it alll (not gonna cop anymore) lol coincidentally it’s 4:20 pm smh God help us.

  7. Legend bro I’m on my 3rd week off it only been smoking on Saturdays hopefully I get to a point where I stop it for good you’ve helped me a lot

  8. I'm 2 weeks off weed and the 1st time I tried to halt i failed on the 3rd day. I love the added discipline to my life. I'm 36 now, didn't smoke until 24, started smoking heavy like 2 yrs ago. I just want to be high off life like I used to be. If anyone wants to quit, my advice is find a new positive vice. I'm learning chinese.

  9. Feel it bro, sitting on hella sober thoughts.
    Time is the most valuable resource in life & weed slowly consumes our perception of Time.

    if you can critically think about the VALUE you are TRADING for then you're making progress. I needed to change perspective on why I'm chasing the high & tha fact I'm trading my money for only a temporary escapism. For years I tricked my mind with a false sense of productivity by rewarding myself with a spliff before/ after work or by associating a heightened sexual arousal with drug-taking.

    For me weed conditioned pleasure between balancing the mundane work routine & compensating a lack of sexual activity but the most dangerous stoner's belief is perceiving weed as a net benefit to life when all your time & money could be honestly targeted on productive relationships & self-improvement.

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