Two PA Senators Introduce Legislation To Legalize Marijuana In Pa.

Recreational marijuana just got one step closer to being legalized after it got support from two Pennsylvania Senators.


  1. If PA legalized pot and put the tax money into the education system and infrastructure maybe PA wouldn’t be such a downward spiraling shithole. Schools have been closing, teachers are always on strike because they’re sick of being paid like shit and then having to spend an entire paycheck just to have shit in their classrooms for the kids. The roads look like the fucking moon. My city’s been building one fucking bridge for literally the past 10 years. It’s a gamble every time I wanna leave the state because every fucking interstate looks like Superman landed on it.

  2. Please Lord let this happen i already do smoke but I'm tired of deal I with seedy people and plus when I smoke weed you don't feel like fighting or being violent and yea I think your less prone of doing something stupid on weed then alcohol . Peace and love vote

  3. The horse is out of the barn. Everything from here on out is a dog and pony show. Progressives will be taking over this Pennsylvania state government just like they will take over all three sides of the federal government. The end of obstruction is right now, it's a time for progression

  4. First off legalizing Marijuana would create a mass employment issue.
    I myself still can not hire anyone under the influence of Marijuanajua and workmens comp would be a mess.
    This is why Pennsylvania is losing companies and jobs with carless government and laws

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