This Month in Psychedelics – March 2020

Allegations of sexual abuse in psychedelic research, the cannabis industry experiences both wins and losses due to the coronavirus, the emergence of remote …


  1. Great updates.

    It's terribly sad and enraging to see that there are "therapists" who are taking advantage of a person seeking help. I think we all knew this would occur and know that it has occurred in other "healing" sessions– -I put the words in quotations because they what they were called and what they actually were are completely different. It would seem, though it will raise the cost, that there should always be two people in addition to the one seeking healing. Even then that doesn't guarantee complete innocence of actions by those giving the therapy.

    No more bad trip, eh? Not sure that's good in the scope of the complete experience. The negative experience has proven to be just as beneficial for many as the good trip has been. Now, I suppose it is good for those seeking immediate help and cannot afford the possibility of a one-off bad trip on their first experience. I can understand that. I'll have to watch and see where this goes.

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