The Saionara, unboxing and first smoke

Vogon tries out the Saionara. A deck for vape mods designed for wax concentrates. This turned out to be an awesome piece of hardware, and comes highly …


  1. Hahahaha, so cute how he's following the manufacturer recommendations. I run mine around 45-50 watts, and I load huge gobs. I also bored out all the airholes in my bases with a drill, and bore out the holes in the base of each atomizer. I've run them up to 60 watts, let them glow bright red, made them catch fire, and they don't fry, they just get too dirty. I've only had real issues with the .7 ohm ceramic donut coil. That one popped at 20 watts.

  2. It's pretty crazy to see all of this especially since I've been making coils in my RDA for dabs forever before these companies started making them for dabs just crazy to see still prefer a rig tho but I will say the little pens I love for how easy it is to carry and do best coil ever to use for dabs is a dual Clapton because of the way all of the little wire traps the wax or shatter it's amazing I've tried all sorts and I haven't seen any company using a dual Clapton single coil for dabs yet they should the flavor is better and the vape is better but I do kind of get it because it could spit a little easier but at lower temps it would work amazing and the cool thing is low temp kn a Clapton is still higher then most because of the power it takes to operate the dual Clapton coil so I mean you could prevent it from spitting

  3. Purchased this about a month ago and absolutely love this tank. Still can't figure out where the splash guard fits but you really don't need it. Use small amounts of concentrate or things get sticky. The entire tank is metal so you can soak in rubbing alcohol. Makes cleaning a breeze. Five big stars. A friend used mine once and immediately ordered one for himself.

  4. The Sai has as much in common to an rda as a coyote to a seagull – sure they’re both animals but otherwise totally different beasts. You’re not dripping nor rebuilding shit with the Sai so it’s obviously not “rda type” deal. Not being a jerk but we don’t wanna be startin new vapers out with incorrect terminology straight outa the gate.

  5. I know this video is a couple years old, but this really helped out. Your commentary was exactly what I needed, just a straight forward answer and a great review. Hope everything is going well with you and hope you continue your reviews, thanks again.

  6. Great vid man, this was a lot of help.

    I vaped with STAG coils and batteries for several years then I got some good Rosin from Squeezers Palace. (I am a medical patient) It had a rubbery consistency and was difficult to vape with such a device. I picked up the Alien 220 watt (TC) and a Saionara diesel coil. The Videos that it has on the side of the box has been taken down. so I found your video, It was very helpful as I had already overfilled my device.

    After watching your vid I cleaned some of the liquid out so it would not eventually clog to inner workings.
    I also tried to hit my device at very high wattage. It caused for a rosin with a burned taste to shoot up into the lid and onto the Rubber rings.

    I Just watched the video so I cleaned out my Saionara and will be going with the wattage and dosing that you recommended. Before I saw this I was already starting to have a bad experience.

    Also Be sure to pulse the device like 42Alchemist recommends also. The minute I set my device to 13 – 20 W and took short pulse hits, I was able to enjoy my device and not overdo it.

    My device is a 220 watt vape battery so it is easy to overdo it when you are a noob to that type of wattage.

  7. Hey, Thanks for the review of my product. And yes, you pronounced the name correctly. The Twisted Lung Buster was intended to use in Temperature Control @ around 420 degrees, When in TC mode the wattage will determine how fast it gets to the set temp. Terps will be better in TC mode and I noticed it conserved better too. You'll want to try the Scissor coil, its dope! If you want to contact me, may be we can set up a free give away of a Saionara on your channel. If you want to add a link so people can order its We take Paypal or Western Union and try and ship out Same Day, Free. Thanks again!

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