1. Honestly if you're not active in sports or physical activity vaping doesn't harm you. I quit because It started messing with my breathing and raising my blood pressure when I played basketball and soccer. Smoke away, we are the lab rats of vaping, only time will tell wtf kind of horrible death we'll have from it.

  2. You need 4 to 5 decades to really know it is safe or not. Like it or not but you guys that are vaping right now are being a research experiment material.

  3. Hi I'm going to tell you something about vaping the true meaning about it okay vaping is 95% safer and healthier than smoking cigarettes with all those freaking dumb drug dealers out in the US and across the world are selling illegal marijuana cartridges that's where and why all the teens and everyone has been dying is because drug dealers would take a juul pod put THC in it and make it a flavor when it's not an actual flavor and not meant to be Vaped on and you won't you don't get popcorn lung and also it doesn't cause cancer so why don't you take your four eyes Mr doctor want to be back to where you came from and learn do more research you dumb idiot I'm 29 years old I've been vaping since I was 23 so a good 6 years of vaping and I have no problem whatsoever I'm still healthy okay so if you think you know everything do your research before you assume okay thank you and have a wonderful day

  4. I’m 16 I vape for stress my mom literally was a smoker and been smoking for 40 years I showed her a vape and she said she can tell that the vape is better for u

  5. It has content of Glycerin (glycerol)..same with
    Family structure of formalindehyde which is harmful to lungs which can irritate nasal and pharyngeal mucosa that will eventually lead to initial symptoms of dizziness..dysphagia ,dryness of mouth, pain on forehead,..stop vaping ..

  6. Currently using this bullshit video as a source for a health assignment on why vaping is bad. At least this videos good for something. If my teacher sees this go fuck yourself lmao.

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