1. hi,Tim.Muy buen informe ..Pero…me podes decir como anda Nin Barber,la quiero mucho!!Decile porfi(little please)que Jason is good y que pronto vuelve a Pattaya with her(he loves Nin,and She loves Jas)…Thank you so much, Tim(Ah…congratulations by your tatataragoodfather Isaac,ok?)JasNin is true!!

  2. It costs 7500 Thai baht to get tested for virus,who can afford that? Numbers in Thailand are way higher than they report.
    Also Thailand had millions of Chinese tourist spitting all over Thailand and yet Thailand reports only 70+ cases, Thailand claims to have less cases than some countries that never have Chinese tourists and have population of 10% to Thailand.
    This Thai military government are ruthless and their bullshit will be exposed.
    They think we are all stupid.

  3. I was there December until end of February. There is no way that its so low numbers of people infected. 1000's of Chinese visit in those months mainly for the lunar new year. I would definitely say that the people in charge are not telling the truth for fear of the economy

  4. I have heard that Thailand have banned some countries from entering the country. I'm worried to travel there in case I get stuck and can't get back home to Australia.

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