Success with Modern Autoflowering Cannabis Varieties – Shango Los at Indo Expo Portland 2019

During this presentation, Shango reviews the history of autoflowers, describes recent changes in breeding practices that have increased autoflower reliability …


  1. Excellent presentation Shango. A great combination of facts with enough humor, citations, and honesty that moves right along without losing us. You've really grown, and not just your hair, but your ability to deliver, sincerely one of the best presentations I've watched on the net and i've watched a LOT. As proof, you know I'm old-old school and a "disdainer" of auto-flower and feminized seeds. You've planted whole new breeding ideas in my 2020 plans. (Still holding out on feminized.)
    P.S. Thank you for the call this A.M. She took the precaution you mentioned.

  2. In the first three minutes you miss my main reason for not growing autoflowers and that is because they turn you into a consumer meaning you have to constantly purchase seeds. And you can tell they fit in with the current agenda of plant DNA ownership and further turning this into a corporate hell hold.

  3. i was watching a guy called GROW POT CHEAPLY, about five years ago at the time he said he had the record for Auto flower plants! Most weight and height think it was like six foot? He said the terpines was DANK. never personally grown any YET! GROWERS SMOKER LEARNER'S LOVE ☕ 🍁💚 🙏 but just like regular seeds height is strain dependent!

  4. Thanks for posting Shango.
    Love the podcast, look forward to it every week. One of the best on YT.
    Droppn the real 411 on cannabis.
    But, I swear u could be Weird Al's body double lmao. Just kidding.
    Keep rockn it Shango. Thumbs up brother,
    with love from Canada

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