STOP Saying Vaping is Safe! | My Update On Vaping | Wednesday Checkup

I’ve already covered my thoughts on vaping in my responding to comments series last year but on account of the many becoming sick as a result of …


  1. it was confirmed that the ppl dying and getting permeant lung damage from the THC vapes , were from a specific dealer that they arrested. and since his arrest there hasn't been any more . look it up
    the dude was lacing them with Vit E and sometinh else that is toxic

  2. Look. I prefer to breathe vapor from the non-nicotine vape, instead of smoking cigarettes. If I'm not vaping, the urge of the smoke and my friends doing that, will take over and I don't want that, because i know people who are gone for the cigs. And probably when my urge to produce vapor goes away, ill just live normally, not like other people who will not quit cigarettes. Yeah, its still a smoke, it can't be 100%safe, but i say its really 95% safer than cigarettes and after that you can stop whenever you want

  3. These kids go too far with vaping. Like inhaling a disposable until it shuts down as a challenge. I’ve been cigarette free for two weeks now thanks to vaping. It saves lives. Here’s the low down. If you smoke, vape. If you don’t smoke or vape, don’t start!

  4. Vaping with e-cigs because they stiil have necotine. When you talk about vaping you need to be more specific. Vaping e-liquids can be dangerous but vaping cannabis flour or concentrates or cbd juice is safe, because they're taken from the cannabis plant and have absolutely no nicotine, which is addictive.

  5. It is intellectually dishonest to blame these cases on "vaping" in general. The reality is that the CBD based products are behind the illnesses. There have been 0 confirmed cases of illness in people using standard commercially available nicotine vaping products.

  6. I love watching your vids Doctor Mike but these young people are people that probably gets their products from the black market called THC Cannabis, and these juices for vaping are not made in a "Medical-Grade Clean Room",

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