1. Greatful for focus on Obese BMI 30+ discussion. You’ve helped me water Fast 3-days each week and drop 40 lbs in 90 days, and set a goal prior to youre support that I did not have a chance of meeting. I turned ‘Fresh Vegan’ but I soon hit a ‘flattened curve’ when my body adapted. Learning your point of whatever is heart healthy should be my focus and my obesity is a focus, then greater benefit from weight even beyond plant based diet, well then I doubled down on Fasting, while remaining plant based. Regrettably Intermittent fasting with 1-vegan meal a day only supported my weight on a nearly flat curve, so I upped anty to water fast 72-hours and remainder of week is 1-vegan dinner meal a day ended up being my ‘secret sauce’. Thank you for focus on OBESITY, grateful! Headed from 264.7 lbs May 30 to 178 lbs by Nov 30 goal with EBRT & Brachytherapy boost for Intermediate Unfavorable T2bc with Gleason 4 showing a subtype Cribriform aggressive & lethal morphology

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