State Of Cannabis Industry | News | CVMTV

The current state of the cannabis industry was on the agenda at the recent Ganja Growers and Producers Association Press Briefing. President of the …


  1. Is heedyaat Dem tek people fa ,
    Jamaican u no need no raasclaat authority fi plant any herb on this planet , tell PM a fuckery Dem a gwaan
    With , Jamaica is full of black men without balls quick fi kill his own brethren and sistren but will never stand up to European draconian laws
    If I run Jamaica is my people come firsts, big up Michael Manley u a di
    Only one ever stood up .

  2. 5 years and you still need to start having talks? Copy a strategy working elsewhere, tailor it to Jamaica's environment and economy and ensure relevant stakeholders are there when planning commences. Unnuh a move too slow

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