Spark Tutorial | Spark Tutorial for Beginners | Apache Spark Full Course – Learn Apache Spark 2020

In this ‘Spark Tutorial’ you will comprehensively learn all the major concepts of Spark such as Spark RDD, Dataframes, Spark SQL and Spark Streaming.


  1. Great video, congrats!. When I run 4. $ pyspark –master yarn –num-executors 1, this gives me this error =>
    "Exception: Java gateway process exited before sending its port number". I've got spark 3.0 installed and Java SDK 1.8. Not found the solution on the Internet, thanks, anybody knows how to solve it?, thanks

  2. The video editing had abruptly cut out the starting point of spark RDD coding example at 2:15:42!! I can't clearly understand how reducebyKey words! Please provide the PPT links, relevant code if you're trying to cut things in between!

  3. need some help
    I'm planning to do Spark certification. Wanted to know the better certification between "Cloudera certified associate spark and Hadoop developer certification " (or) "Databricks Certified Associate Developer for Apache Spark 2.4 or 3.0". Getting Confused. Can someone help me here?

  4. I really appreciate the teacher, very composed, very balanced and the way he is teaching is I feel like continue learning on and on. Its very rare we come across such an excellent teacher.

  5. Now this is called real teaching/ training. Most of the trainers just want to finish the topic rather than providing the good knowledge. I miss those old days when we use to have this kind knowledgeable trainers. Thanks so much for posting this video. Request you to provide details of the trainer, would like to join his more sessions.

  6. Very nicely explained, greate learning… looks like content in video are trimmed in-between.. like at 3:49:13.. discussion is in-between and without concluding it went for next topic spark sql.. really don't want to miss the single line from this video 😒 but content are missing in between..will be great if it can be fixed anyway…

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