Smok Novo Auto Firing or Firing After Hit – SOLVED w/ Solution Fix pod vape

Is Your Smok Novo Firing After The Hit? Is it Auto-Firing? Here’s the fix! ▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭ Here are some products that …


  1. ok so basically I put my smok in my pocket and didnt turn it off and it got really hot and now the button is always red and wont hit. I tried changing the coil to see if that will help but it didnt and the cotton is out and idk what to do💀

  2. I couldn’t get the piece off but what I did was just blew air through the novo part without the pod in and cleaned that out and mine doesn’t after fire anymore

  3. Thanks man love the vid it actually did fix mine it took me about 2 hours I couldn't put it back together so I super glued it and it works now

  4. My novo works fine but then out of no where it just stops working for no apparent reason really pissing me tf off & how tf did Ryan take off the front it literally won’t come off for me ?

  5. This does work for a very dirty one, but if you notice your novo just starting to do this, you can fix it without taking it apart.
    For a quick fix, pull the pod, clean it, clean the inside of the novo where the pod sits, blow hard into the charging port a few times and it'll work like new.

  6. Hello, i have a novo x and it doesnt seem to be hitting like it used to. its hitting harder and there is less smoke. i purchased a new one to make sure its not me and its the device. (win win anyways since i always carry two devices) now my question is do you think its not hitting right because of this same kind of reason? or is itsomething else. please keep in mind i thoroughly clean the inside of it every time (possbly every other hour apposed to the new novo x i bought where i rarely have to clean it and its been three weeks since i bought the novo x and about 5 weeks since the first novo x i have. Please if anyone knows about this issue id appreciate it so much if you could help! thank you !

  7. i just took off the back, lifted up the black rubber thing, put a dry q-tip in it and wiggled it around then wiped the white part with the q-tip, put the back on again and it worked!

  8. man these things were great when they worked, perfect amount of vape, but they die fast. Ive had both of mine apart, and extended life by just a little. Anyone use version 2 with any success?

  9. This does not happen with the NOVO 2, however I recently was forced to purchase a 3pack of NOVO 1 ceramic pods. This is the problem, the NOVO1 pods.

    Solution: Dont push the pod all the way down. Just push it in until the sensor clicks (leave a small gap between pod and battery). That has worked for me and should solve the problem.

    You should also keep the battery clean with rubbing alcohol. Especially since SMOK only offers a 6 month warranty.

    I use the KP Rubi with a lifetime warranty, but love the NOVO 2's battery life compared to my Rubi.

  10. I don't know if your still actively vaping and whatnot, but my smok novo 2's insides does not look like that, there is the double sided yellow tape around this black case, and it directly touches the battery underneath it

  11. I have the opposite problem with the novo 2… It only fires when I cover the air holes and continues to get worse… could you make a vid on that?

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