1. For winter carrots do you direct sow? And when? I love your winter garden. Last year was the first time i grew through the winter and it was so successful i decided from now on i will grow year round. You videos are so helpful. I got chervil seed which i have never grown. You give me ideas. Thank you.

  2. Good morning, Where is a good place to buy safe woodchip, that is non-toxic, I've had a search and can't find a suitable one. I've read that some companies add things to it that aren't suitable for organic gardening. Thank you, Amy

  3. Great video as always Charles, would it be possible for you to share your fleece supplier, I’ve fed up of mine always ending up in shreds and adding to the landfill issues, I have tried so many. peace, love and best wishes

  4. Thank you for telling us about your on-line course! I live outside the UK (USA zone 8) and would love to take your course, but I don't know how, does it convert currency?

  5. I saw on another video that you mentioned how you keep the grass out at the edges..Could you please do a video on edging and how you keep the grass out. Grass LOVES where we are and I need a better way to keep it out of the garden.

  6. Hi Charles
    I am 74 and find your enthusiasm great. My old rural science teacher taught me about double digging and trenching and I have followed his teaching relentlessly. I was impressed though when I saw someone I revered enormously, Geoff Hamilton a neighbour of yours praise your work. I will try it, maybe not yet, but sometime soon.

  7. Charles. You never cease inspiring me. Yet I have a question you seem to avoid, or whatever. I never see mulch on my beds as dirty or unkempt. As beautiful as your gardens are, is it possible you err on the side of tidiness, or Am I missing something? Thank you. F course we each have different priorities?

  8. I have to say the more I watch your videos the better you and they get. Your method sinks in more and more. Now when I watch others telling us how to make garden beds, 18"-24" tall, just blows me away! After learning and watching you those ideas are so crazy! Thanks so much for sharing. I'm looking forward to great gardening this year thanks to you. I think my wife should be much happier and surprized also. I tell everyone about you. Happy gardening to you this year as well!!

  9. HELP PLEASE CHARLES! I am a newbie to gardening and trying to implant your ‘all year little garden’ here in Cornwall. I have the spinach variety you mention but the packet says sow indoors in September. Did you sow indoors and transplant out or direct sow? Also did you cover with fleece throughout the winter? Thanks so much for the Chanel, it’s a huge inspiration!

  10. Hi Charles. I’m in year 1 of my new veg garden. I’ve noticed we get lots of pigeons in the garden anyway. We don’t have anything yet uncovered in the garden but I’m worried about them when we do. You mentioned pigeons, any suggestions what to do about them?

  11. Hi Charles, can you do a daily live podcast? There are millions of brits realising food security is a real threat at the minute and want to grow their own food but don't know how. Our country needs your help!

  12. I absolutely love your channel! I live in Finland and our yard is full of rocks underneath the grass, and that has been a pain in my butt when i tried to make a little garden. Well, now my shovel can finally rest when I move to nodig method❤️ I noticed that your neighbour have horses. Do you use yourseld or recommend using horse poo in garden? Here in Finland I often hear about horse poo as a fertilizer, not no much about cows poo. Stay safe and healty 🌱❤️

  13. Charles thank you 🙏🏻 great video so calming to watch .My go to channel when feeling stressed it’s a real relaxer .Also I’m learning so so much 💚

  14. Stuck at home on lock down. I need a view of the the the world without the crazy. I am so lucky to have nice people around but a walk around you garden would be the highlight of my day! What seeds can I get right now to keep me out of mischief. I normally grow and propagate perennials for a charity plant sale which is obviously cancelled now. I now want to inter plant some veg for me. North of England, sandy soil and quite windy.

  15. Watching your videos whole winter I did first step. Made one bed on my parents garden to show them better way to plant vegetable. I hope I will convert them to nodig comparing our harvests. Many thanks from the Czech Republic.

  16. Hi Mr. Dowding. Found your channel a week ago, and must say you deserve thousands of subscribers. I'm in the medical field and I'm moving to a house with 1000m2 of open field to work with, but have zero experience with vegetables / gardening. Autumn is coming up (I'm in South Africa) and I'm preparing a few things in trays to plant out in a few weeks. Any videos or other resources you can direct me to which explain how Brussel Sprout should be grown? Kind regards!

  17. Thanks for the reminder to interplant. Interesting how small your garlic is. I put mine (zone 6 temperate mountains) in late October and they were at least 8" tall before winter really hit.

  18. I’ve been avidly catching up on all your videos and as a result have put 3 raised beds in my garden and have been buying seeds. Thank you for your generous and patient teaching. I always consult your videos before I do smg in the garden. Thank you!!!!!

  19. Thank you for these videos Charles, we are about to move into our first home and planning to start growing as much food as we can in our back and front garden. Your videos are extremely useful😊

  20. Just discovered your videos and a renewed love of gardening. So excited for this season. Thanks from the Southern Gulf Islands of British Columbia 🇨🇦

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