Repot #WithMe | Plantastica’s Quarantine Planty Tag

Hello friends! Today is day 24 of my captivity and I have an on-theme tag for you from the lovely Plantastica. Here’s her awesome channel: …


  1. I think we will be in some sort of lock down until 60% of world vacinates when possible. Im an introvert who loves spending time with people if that makes sense. So short doses normally. We still have a lot to be thankful fir so i am choosibg to find my silver lining in all of this snd ive been loving having my traveling engineer husband working from home now

  2. "I'm an introvert but we all gotta leave at some point" 😂😂😂

    Yeah the first two weeks I was like HA I totally got this I'm an introvert and now I'm like ughhh I want to go everywhere and talk to everyone 😫

  3. Nice tag. Great idea 👍 I love how quarantine is bringing out the creative side of YouTubers 😁 So much fun!
    Looks like you have a great channel.Thanks for sharing. Big thumbs up from #Mombierella 👍 Looking forward to seeing more of your videos. Let's stay in touch

  4. This tag is fun!!!!!! 😁
    I've been really wanting to garden outdoors, I mean really bad, but the stupid winter just won't go away, it's frigging cold and windy and gloomy and agh…!!
    Have a wonderful day Pam!! ☺️

  5. I tried plant shopping but none of the ones I've looked at have plants that I can afford don't ship to Canada and the one that would ship don't really have plants yet.😒🤷‍♀️😭

  6. Hey Pam love your sweater did you knit it. Don’t feel bad I also have a hard time with succulent.
    Yes I do brows for plants. I’ve been watching my favourite videos, like your and Lynne from Avalon she has lots of cacti and succulent plants.
    And I also watch Carolyns videos on orchids, and videos Dutch and Arms homestead . Love them all. Stay safe.

  7. I wish my dogs were as chill as your cat when I film. Too cute! Made me want a cat. Kind of. I do like to breathe, too 😂 I’ve virtually adopted a lot of tubers feline companions.

  8. 🌿🌿🍀🌱🌱🍃❤❤❤,and btw love Reb,Rebecca,just not Bekky…she's a sweet crazy lady…just love her and her two weird funny dogs😉!
    Love from France…

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