Pear Soup – clearing Sore Throat, Cough & Nourishing Lungs – Chinese Traditional Home Remedy – 4K

Today I would like to share a very simple home made warm PEAR drink remedy that helps with sore throat and cough. I make this soup every time when we …


  1. Shifu and Lila thank you for sharing that wonderful drink. I’m just getting over COVID and now have the post cough. Thank God all is well minus this cough. I have done some researching around and have found than Ginger and Turmeric also help aim aiding with cough and throat. I’m looking forward to trying this drink out!!!! Also want to let you know that your Qi Gong videos have also help in my getting better!!!! Will be in touch.
    Thank you,

  2. I have been watching a lot of your videos and I love them, especially the stretch videos. I also love the recipe videos as well. Can you make more of the recipe videos as well. I am trying to eat more healthy foods and I love how simple yet healthy the foods are in the videos. Thank you for your videos. Will keep watching.

  3. Thank you for sharing this. I do a similar tea with ginger root, for the same reason (lungs) but this one was new to me. I love the positivity that comes through in all your videos- it just makes me feel happy! Thank you.

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  6. And next coming yellow emperior. Use u.t.theraphy for cut wounds and tired muscles like massage skin. Also to take by nose for cleaning longs .i hope the guy wil read this and make research

  7. Ooh.. Kirain shifu ini seorang biksu.. Ternyata bukan biksu …?
    Istri nya cantik ..
    Besok mau coba buat minuman pear biar muka jadi bagus .. Trimakasih… Lila

  8. It can be hard to find pears at my local grocery when they are not in season. My area produces a lot of apples and they are available all year round. Would apples be a good substitute or would they not have the same/similar benefits as pear?

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