Papa and Barkley Tincture "Right Ratio Pack" Review 2019. High THC and High CBD

Content for 18 and up! Tinctures are an under-rated method of consumption for Cannabis. I used Papa and Barkley in this review.


  1. The dispensary i work at sells these I just got the 1:30 thc dominant tincture and I’m pretty hyped to try it I have a high tolerance so idk whether to drink the entire tincture or half?

  2. Try limitless earth tincture if you can get it in your area. Highly recommend tincture, mixed with essential oils to help relieve stress/ absorb cannabinoids better / different kinds for different reasons and have different ratios.

  3. I've watched many videos and yours is the best. I'm looking for a stable, functional uplift that minimizes anxiety issues and allows me to FOCUS playing guitar, writing, practicing scales, etc. I'll do something stronger when I'm partying. It really helps that you mentioned that you're a musician, and tthe tincture was ok in a work setting. Thank you so much. Any other oils or tinctures that you'd recommend for creative focus, for cbd/thc beginners like me?

  4. 🎶 get da fk outta here.. Get da fk outta here 🎵 😂 that shits catchy dude.

    Too crazy was lookn up tinctures for my anxiety and this came up. Hey i know this guy 😝

    Good lookz on the sugar bro. Gonna have to try it out. ✌

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