1. how are you people in the uk just go out and plant there in germany any bit of land is owned sadly also forest are completly pierced with ways trough and packed with people walking their shitty wiener dog

  2. A couple months ago I got my hands on 1 seed. Planted it and didnt make a clone.. Now I can't even get a hold on a seed to grow myself and I have the best spot in the forest..

  3. Better to just grow it in your fuckin home during the lock down. Cops got better shit to do than tackle a few growers right now, make the most of it while you can

  4. I dont rlly grow that much but I have a sky window so I put her up there for about 9 hours of light and then when there is no more sunlight I put her in my closet with a 60w cfl all night
    She goes great got 50gs last harvest

  5. Beautiful area ! Good luck !

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