"Oh Charlotte" by MC Flow & Jason Mraz | The Story of Charlotte Figi | Live at Red Rocks

“Oh Charlotte” tells the story of pediatric epilepsy patient Charlotte Figi. Live footage was recorded September 2, 2018, at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, …


  1. As a fellow Dravet mom, this sweet girl's passing has hit me so hard❤We are down to our last pharmaceutical medicines that have helped my son with his seizures but sadly those medications are causing his platelets to drop to dangerous levels so we have introduced cbd oil after watching Charlotte's story❤ We are almost 2 years in and he is doing well❤RIP baby girl❤🙏Prayers to Charlotte's family and everyone that loved her❤

  2. So beautiful! Congratulations! As a teacher/musician/activist I appreciate your work so much! Feel so blessed to be in Canada… a bit more progressive, pot legal.. here’s to moms everywhere! Power to youuuuuu!

  3. Thanks Abby for such an inspiring story. I've suffered with chronic autoimmune and emotional illnesses for much of my life and know what it's like to try dozens of conventional treatments without success, searching everywhere I could for anything that would give me the ability to have sufficient wellness to simply function and not be in physical/emotional anguish. The last couple years I have been doing lightyears better since I found the healing benefits of low dose opioids, especially the very safe and miraculously versatile tramadol. I also take CBD oil and recently was offered the ability to join a medical marijuana program by my doctor. There is certainly a lot of stigma surrounding unconventional and "controversial" means for healing, so I'm lucky to have had a couple very compassionate and sensible pain doctors. I wish for more and more people to hear your message and stories like Charlotte's so that countless people enduring various debilitating illnesses needlessly might have the knowledge and opportunity to access the right medicine for them, wherever it comes from. I have also loved your song since I saw Jason's video about this! I'm a massive fan of Jason and have been lucky to see him up very close 3 times in the last week, including last night, so I'm still on a high from that 🙂 Much love to you Flow 💜

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