1. Anyone else remember another video about Cleveland years ago that was essentially the exact same as this but ended in "At least we're not Detroit!"? Probably what this video was made from.

  2. I like how both the owners and players are making a bunch of excuses for it being about injuries, social justice, the future and past players, advancement of the game, and to better humanity (mainly with their charities) … but it's just about money and the betterment for themselves. (including all of their "legitimate" charities are either legal scams, PR benefits, and are for tax breaks that's main purpose is to benefit just themselves)…

    If it were really about bettering society and "sticking it the man" and "standing up for the little man" They would be talking about stopping wireless 5G, Stop and punish companies that poison our drinking water and food supply including all the synthetic additives to food that are making people fat and sick as well as taking out our genetically modified wheat that adds 3 times that amount that they have in Europe and it's impossible for our body to break it down so it causes fat gain, diabetes, and heart problems.

    *Here's the biggest give away that it's just about them and their money… Not even getting a few players to start funding The Football Players Health and Healthcare Institute of Health" or whatever they want to call it, but it would HELP everyone… Including them, their eventual CTE, and legacy… If a few football players actually do this they would be The MOST loved and worshipped people, they would be on the cover of history books, THEY would be bigger than MJ, Tom Brady, Tim Tebow, LeBron, Muhammad Ali, and Derek Jeter COMBINED!!!
    If they are able to BRING and MAKE THESE 3 The Medical MAIN Front for Medical Healthcare Institutes for it's MAIN and MAINSTEAM TREATMENTS for CLINICAL in PATIENTS and as well BEING THE STANDARD FOR MAINSTREAM RESEARCH TREATMENTS, FOR RESEARCH, FOR MAIN INSURANCE COVERAGE, AND USING THIS AS THE NEW MODELING FOR THE MAJORITY OR ALL HEALTH OF HEALTHCARE TO BE TAUGHT AS THE NEW LEARNING CURRICULUM FOR THE MEDICAL PROFESSION IN ALL OR OUR COUNTRY'S HIGHER LEARNING AND MEDICAL DOCTRINE FROM HERE ON OUT to drastically improve the QUALITY of CARE and LOWERING the healthcare cost by 1000X fold. That's why the Healthcare industry pay to botch medical experiments for medical journals because this medical technology would take away the MOST profitable Gig, largest money maker in the military industrial complex by far. Don't believe me look up old medical experiments with smoking apes and pot under Ronald Reagan and the cover up medical experiments saying smoking tobacco doesn't have any health short or long term health consequences… and the NFL's biggest Sponsers was Marlboro, its in the background of "The Catch" video clip with the 49's, Joe Montana, and Dwight Clark… It was actuallyHitlerWho found out smoking caused cancer in the 1930's so he had his people stop smoking so he became a vegan and was deemed a Quack with his "Junk Science"… You can't make this stuff up people.

    The 3 area's that will fix the quality and cost healthcare epidemic are:
    1) Regenerative Medicine
    2) Ex Vivo Gene Therapy
    3) and Stem Cells (The Embryonic Stem Cells, the new ones that are from YOUR OWN Bone Marrow in your Hip/Pelvis Bone (NOT from a fetus), Zygotes from your skin cells and allow old couple's, both gay and straight, and women that are wild about their rights to have children when they are 40-90 years old… and for quality of life worth living to fix spinal cord and brain victims are they have been capable to do (privately for DARPA))

    Damn, ALL the most recent health and medical advancements have come from the UFC, Joe Rogan, and most of the white fighters (pick it up black athletes, orthopedics is the only thing you guys advanced so you could run faster ) white fighters because they are nerds and get excited and care about health and making society better for them, but also others so they push for others so others will also get to benefit because they made it accessible for the public to get care by dropping names of the clinics they used, countries where these clinics are at, even dropping conditions and doctors names in mainstream media interviews. And UFC has really only been mainstream for 5-15 so years Including/Especially themselves
    because they are going to NEED ACTUAL healthcare (That isn't rigged like the mainstream one) with ACTUAL and LEGALIZED TREATMENTS such as 1. Ex Vivo Gene Therapy (can cure EVERY illness… They have been for decades, but with Artifical Intelligence and those people who did that FBI database 23&Me??…. You could also Tersform Earth, Mars, Astronauts going to Mars to breath that atmosphere and 8, 000, 000 times more resistance to radiation including the moon and 5G)

    2. Regenerative Medicine (3D Print you a new limb, heart, naturally plastic surgery and more (with one of your skin cells or nano tech improves it could just use your molecular make up), etc. Including if we can get enough people getting involved and the subatomic level we can print products, homes, personalised medicines, elements, molecules and resources that countries fight wars over.

    And of course STEM CELLS that just got banned again recently. The NFLPA & NFL owners NEED TO FUND AND CREATE their own NIH/FDA/CDC/WHO that is about CURING diseases and being able to cure it cheaper than it cost before on a large-scale level, and NOT about getting more government funding every year, they will actually find more ways to CURE diseases than the NIH/CDC/WHO/FDA have ever done in their entire existence.

  3. Hey Brandon, I was just watching YouTube and came across the NFL rankings of qbs In the 2019 season. Could you please do a reranking or just make fun of how dumb that list was… please it would be a great video!

  4. Man you can hit both them towns in like an hour or so. Cleveland? Cincinnati? Wow! Growing up in KC I kinda thought we had it bad. lol What did Ohio do to deserve this anyway? When you make Kansas look…well just ok, you need a break and some good luck already. Or a new PR firm.

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