My Favorite Abandoned Cannabis Grow in the Arizona Desert!

Welcome to my channel, I am a cancer and cannabis vlogger and Arizona Medical Marijuana patient. I created this channel to help others understand the …


  1. I think I'm going to continue this series however watching these I learned need to slow down, calm down and not yell to my husband so I will make these video better for you guys but this series is here to stay!!!

  2. It's sad how they leave such a mess behind. We live in the High Desert and there's an illegal grow operation getting constructed right next to our yard. So far they have put up wafer board walls 8 feet high with 4"x4"'s. The walls went up in 3 days. The area is spanning 120' X100'. The owner of the property stopped by my house, I think she's concerned about what we know about what they're doing. l played really dumb. I've seen where they had dug the dirt next to our water meter. She was asking weird questions. I didn't let on that I knew what they were doing. I've already called the sheriff and gave them a heads-up, they said that as soon as we see plants in the ground to call them. What's funny about it is that I am part of the Neighborhood Watch out here so I'm always looking out for stuff like this as well as fighting the dirtbikes.

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