My Experience of Kundalini Yoga, 3HO Cult, 9 Years of Strange Yoga Practice; Backdoor to Empowerment

In this video I explain my journey with Kundalini yoga, and the sort of roundabout backdoor to self-empowerment it offered me, and why I no longer resonate with …


  1. Hi sweet Dante! I've just discovered you and I associate with your energie and light (made me laugh here quite a bit with references to fat teachers and drag race lol). Great sharing, thank you! 
    I'm glad more of us are "coming out" and express and espose how many in the KY world have been brainwashed and fell into the trap of idols and structures based on patriarchal outdated principals. In a way I'm grateful to YB for being corrupted (I became aware of it many years ago partly intuitively and partly by researching a bit online…) for he freed me in seeing that I am my own master, life is the master, I am life. I have many many teachers, I still practise KY for now, but wait and see… everything is always transforming… MUCH LOVE

  2. Interesting content but please find a quieter space for your next video and find a way to get rid of those loud notifications. I hope this doesn't sound obnoxious – it's just really distracting.

  3. Why you call yourself GURU ? — please stop it – with your sexual abuser Yogi Bhajan – make not promotion for him – he is dirty and a fraud – yogi bhajan is a BIG FRAUD!

    Dear pseudo Sikh, or Kundalini sect followers – better name. I am not a Punjabi Sikh – African Sikh – for me there is only Guru Granth Sahib!

    It's all about the big money – it's not about knowledge and reflection, because then you would not practice this self-developed sect pseudo Sikh tradition and still feel good about it. To offend others and our Guru like this – you are so far removed from the Khalsa – in your arrogance.

    you give each other names we would never give each other and call them spiritual names – that alone is ridiculous!

    You offend our beliefs with almost every move and your parties – the guru is just one thing with you – to give the contentless stuff more content, but it's only for show – otherwise you would not humiliate and disrespect our Guru Granth Sahib .

    You are practicing a self-creation of a guy we find extremely dangerous and exploitative.

    Your 3H0 is basically just an OSHO concept in white – instead of red.

    Yogi Bhajan has our guru and our 10 gurus in the background and a substitute Hindu religion in the foreground.

    Then the Yogi Sikh consider themselves to be the better Khalsa or the fulfillment of the Khalsa, which dishonors our 10 Guru and Guru Granth Sahib – by hanging the stupid pictures of the bird Yogi Bhajan.

    Your spiritual exploitation and fooling is one thing.

    But to do it with our guru and get rich on it in that ugly way is disgusting!

    No matter if Hare Krishna, Yogi Bhajan or Osho / Bhagwan – it was all about the money and otherwise the whole thing is just money machine and you are so far away from inner awakening or similar –

    Whoever has to put himself above others in this arrogance has ZERO spirituality or something similar.

    We are basically with – like the church back then – who wants to buy a place in heaven!

    Shame on yourselves to abuse our Guru Granth Sahib and our teaching in such a way – you are just arrogant white self-satisfied arrogant aloof space fraudsters – you deceive yourself with hypocrisy and insult our Guru GRanth Sahib with almost every action.

  4. Wow, so much gratitude to you. You explained perfectly my feelings about KY. I found it when I was just starting to recover from 20 years of depression and a mental health crisis period. It was the only thing that worked fast and strong enough to shift my mind. I jumped into teacher training because I wanted to go deeper into a yoga practice, and this presented itself. I'm not a very disciplined person by nature and I always felt like I was a huge failure within this community. The harshness of the teachers and some individuals was real, but that exists in any spiritual community, so I tried not to let it get to me (it did anyway, because like you said, it's all transmitted energetically when you're in a suggestible state). After my first week of level 2 I realized something was not right. I was sitting in the back of the room terrified the teacher would call me out and humiliate me in front of everyone, as she was doing to many others. I felt like I was a child again, cowering. The other teacher told me, looking down her nose at me, that my kundalini wouldn't rise if I eat meat, which I have needed due to extreme Vata imbalances and being Vata constitution, etc. I started to cry and she looked down at me nodding slowly, like she knows everything and "the truth hurts." I had a total crisis after Level 2…I thought that, after years and years of isolation and suffering, I had found a spiritual community of people who were genuinely "doing the work" and teachers that I found inspiring and motivating. After the week of level 2 I crashed so hard I couldn't get out of bed for about 10 days, it was the worst fatigue and burnout I've ever experienced and it took me about 2 months to recover fully. I saw how much the 'teachings' had messed with my very vulnerable mind and how out of whack and imbalanced the whole thing was.
    My teachers, btw, are some of the ones doing the most denying during this scandal. I felt horrible for awhile and stopped practicing because I didn't want anything to do with it. But my depression crept back in and I realized many of the practices really help me. I also love the Sikh mantras, Japji, and Kundalini music…it soothes my soul like nothing else. The practices are particularly good for helping the nervous system and mental imbalances, so I do love the meditations (more than the physical yoga, which often felt unnatural and dangerous, as you mentioned). I joined some FB groups for people trying to shift the KY community's mentality. I do feel there are so many amazing people drawn to this practice, and I also feel the practice to be very beneficial in appropriate doses, but anytime I was practicing in excess it quickly depleted me and messed up my Vata bigtime. I never got clear answers from my teachers, it was always just that I needed to practice more and everything would resolve. If I brought up the fact that I suffered around 20 years of severe insomnia and that it almost led me to suicide numerous times and ruined my entire life, and that I didn't feel that waking up at 4 AM would be healthy for me given that I was still struggling with sleep, the answer was always that I just needed to get over myself, or that I'd "get there someday" like where I'm at right now is pretty pathetic. I mean…how can these people be serious?! That was NOT help. My jaw nearly hit the floor when they taught us "what to do if a student has a spontaneous Kundalini awakening" – basically just massage their feet and do some kind of massage on their back and they'll be fine. YEAH RIGHT. I had some experiences that may have been related to Kundalini a year prior to my beginning the practice, and I thought I was going insane and losing control of myself. In short, every serious concern was turned into "just practice more" or making you feel like you were just a weakling and "sad" (my teacher literally called my life situation "sad" in front of the whole class). Meanwhile, I have 4 planets in Aquarius and Uranus conjunct my MC…I'm not a stranger to Aquarian energy, which was oddly missing from the classes despite the constant reference. Like the teachers possessed the 'Aquarian energy' and you just had to practice as much as them to 'get there' too. I really felt off with this goal-oriented view, like, how is that Aquarian?? Oh man. I could go on forever. I realize that I was looking for external structure because internally I feel so chaotic and I have suffered so much, I just wanted to feel like "if I do this, I'll get better." And to some extent, that formula works for me, but it's definitely not the whole picture of yoga and certainly not of spirituality. Whew, well, this was cathartic! Thank you, you have a beautiful soul and so much radiance, I'm looking forward to watching all your other videos. 🙂 Blessings~

  5. Hey man, yeah the 3ho thing is wack. Im glad you got out of it. It is just wack, but everything is in hukkum according to the knowledge of Sri Guru Granth Sahib. It served the purpose of spreading the message of Sri Guru Granth Sahib and also spreading the game of maya. With the message came thousands of little tricks to distract or refract the 1 truth which is found in Sri Guru Granth Sahib, crystals, yoga, astrology. Within these systems there corruption and fear and confusion and complication. All it takes is to use naam Simran, and develop it into a 24 hour thing. No poses, no prostration or even closed eyes. Naam Simran is absorbing into naam, in a way where it takes effort leave it rather then effort to enter it.

    I'm sorry you suffered through bastardisation of sikhi. I would kindly ask you to check out the channel Basics of Sikhi or Nanak Naam to understand the fruit that the snake of yogi bajan wrapped around to draw you in.

    There are millions of yogas, millions of crystals and trillions of solar systems with their own delusions.

    I am a sikh, yoga is not demonic, but it is not required to obtain peace. Astrology is not demonic, there very well may be 100% true, as a sikh, i don't care if these things are true or not. They are all supported by the 1 truth. They all exist inside ik.

    As you said, a corrupted teacher will corrupt students, who will become corrupted teachers. Be mindful you may replace one corruption with another.

    If you understand simple naam Simran, once you find simran, vaheguru will be the snake and the fruit.

    Im white and Scottish, i will be changing my name to Singh, this is because i am a sikh, i am a student.
    To be a Singh is to be both a king and a slave. There is none above you, other than the vaheguru inside you, and there is none below you. Sing and Kaur was made to disolve caste and separation, calling yourself a yogi is against this concept. Keep your name Singh, because everything good in you that you have learned through 3ho, every blessed experience is the teaching of guru nanak, who became the pure reflection. Nanak is the personification of the qualities yogi boogaloo tried to force on others but did not follow himself. Nanak is the personification of truth, this knowledge travels through the 10 gurus and into the sri guru Granth Sahib AND the khalsa guru. Nanak is everything good about me.

    All these clever spiritual tricks we invent like yoga or astrology or anything, whether they are true or fake, a sikh doesn't care. We see them as eddies in a river. Areas of turbulence and peril, or a nice place to dip your feet it – it doesn't matter what concepts you apply to it – the eddies ARE symptoms of the river. They cannot exist without the river.

    If what you are doing connects you with vaheguru, then you are indeed carving your own path, cutting your own way through the foliage. Hammering your own metal grips into the mountain. My friend, carry on this course you will get where you need to go.

    … But look left and you will see the beautiful warm and catered gondola that guru nanak set up for us after he reached the top 🙂

    I followed you on Instagram, I'd like to offer my time for any questions about sikhi. Once again, im sorry that religion was twisted in a way that hurt you. This has always happened. The beauty of how guru Granth Sahib is poetry and untranslated is that it cannot be corrupted forever like Christianity.

    It makes me very happy to see the 3ho starting to wake up and investigate that a lot of what they are doing is completely distant of the knowledge in sikhi. This suffering put them on a path to vaheguru. Yogi flimflam boogaloo number 2 and his spice rack of wack acted inside hukkum, and used his haumei to spread this beautiful INCORRUPTIBLE message 🙂 jokes on him. Wake up 3ho 🙏❤️ the khalsa needs you.

  6. Sikhs don't view yoga as satanic it's just the 19th century british supported reform movements kundlini is sikhi but yogi bhajan was not approved as a teacher he did not overcome his ego
    And it was secretive (due to its power) it cannot be taught to anyone

  7. You are such a wonderful soul Dante. I really feel calmed listen to you. Thanks. I see you creating a new modality of your own truth. I look forward to practicing it with you soon.

  8. Samadhi is the 8th limb of yoga, not the 1st. Yogi Bhajan clearly skipped all the yama and niyamas himself. We’re so focused on getting to the goal in our Western society. When really if we rush we won’t get there in good standing. I’m grateful for my years of experience. And now I’m really recovering from Kundalini yoga, taking such a different approach to my personal healing and especially my physical healing with deeper yoga.

    It’s funny I could see all along the journey how this practice was messing me up in many ways. When I really gave myself into it fully from the beginning, I became very ill. The Ayurvedic doctor told me my vatta (ether/air elements) was off the charts which is not even normal for my body type. I was so ungrounded I couldn’t eliminate waste, couldn’t sleep, was in constant dreamy anxiety. I was pushing myself with 3 hours of kriya every day. And it wore on me heavy.

    Can you separate the teachings from the teacher? No, you cannot. If you “don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater”, the baby you are left with is hatha yoga with advanced pranayama. That’s all that’s left of this teaching that’s helpful.

    Some kriyas taught in Kundlini yoga are good sequences. They are helfpul places to start. But the real aim of yoga is to understand and embody your own physical structure to the point that you can find the right way to stretch and strengthen and align on your own. It’s not a sequence or kriya you find outside. It’s something you develop over time by exposing yourself to many ways of accessing your own body.

    Kundalini Yoga is a practice that can awaken spiritual experiences. And in altered states of consciousness, PEOPLE BECOME SUSCEPTIBLE TO GREAT MANIPULATION! The way Bhajan taught yoga was just the perfect method of keeping people easy to manipulate and influence. Anyone who has taken in this information and this method of doing yoga has also received the layers of distortion and manipulation that Yogi Bhajan tainted his teachings with. You cannot remove it. You cannot distill it. The whole thing is corrupt. Maybe you can keep a few kriyas here and there, but you do not need to brand it as KY or throw in your Sat Nams and dogma.

    It’s sad that something that has “changed so many people’s lives” has so much garbage layered onto it. Indeed I can say that practicing yoga changed my life. It made me disciplined and focused and allowed me to break from a toxic past. But it is not the teachings of anyone else who enabled that healing. It was my own commitment and devotion to myself. This is what you can keep from this practice and this way. And the rest must become something new.

    There are so many other teachers who are hooking people into toxic systems of control. And what allows them to do that is the way people have given away their power and entered into a state of confused seeking for answers outside of themselves. Pay attention to those around you offering teachings and healing. Everyone has an agenda. For most it is an agenda to serve others and enlighten the planet. For many there are also hidden agendas beneath that. Many people keeping the Kundalini Yoga tradition alive have no idea the subversion and oppression they are perpetuating. They consider they are simply doing a good thing and helping others. They are also deeply disempowered, and do not trust themselves. They have no sense of inner authority.

    The funniest part of all of this is that Yogi B called this teachings for an Aquarian age. Aquarian energy is about egalitarianism, equality, innovation. It’s about a fierce individuality that is dedicated to serving the whole. It’s about breaking old structures of control and dis-empowerment and making the space for true freedom and true equality. With Kundalini yoga, you actually get the opposite. You see a perpetuation of patriarchy, you see a homogenization of people and a stripping of individual will. You get control, manipulation, and healing through guilt, shame, and oppression. Many people learned that healing was hating yourself and disciplining themselves from a toxic culture. Throw a white turban and a mantra on it, and you level up your self-hate a little bit and get to call it enlightenment. I don’t have shame having to had gone through this journey because I was in a great state of dis empowerment. Personally I needed to witness how messed up such a cult was in order to find the truth within my own self. I just injured my body, spaced myself out, and suppressed my natural self for a number of years. It sucks, but the sad truth is I am definitely one of the luckier ones.

    And finally: my name on Facebook is still “Singh” which is a given name from 3HO. Singh means “Lion of God.” I have no connection to Sikhism at this point, though when I visited the Golden Temple I was extremely inspired and taken by the energy of the place and the generosity and beauty of the Sikh people. Due to Facebook politics etc I get the message as of now I have to stick with this adopted name for now. I’m really Dante Starshine. Dante Shante Singh is and always has been a very noble joke… 😉

    [on Insta I’m @DanteStarshine and my website is]

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