1. That whole acid gets stuck in your spinal cord/fat is a total myth. There is no evidence out there to prove that acid stays in the body. What is real though is Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder (HPPD). Basically, you can have a hallucinogenlike experience because your brain chemistry has been permanently altered. But this only occurs in people who have done shitloads of acid.

  2. This guy is what ozzy would look/talk like if he never did drugs… and that's why he is unfunny. And thats why these guys are laughing… drugs make the unfunny funny. Don't do drugs kids!

  3. Tripped loads, never have I tried to jump out a window or cut off my fingers ha. Take a small hit of acid, you will just to laugh a shit load, and your vision is slightly distorted, like colours etc, or things like curtains will look like there slightly getting blown by the wind etc. And only take it in with people you trust in an environment you trust.

  4. It's nothing like you think and the flasback is bs. I wish it was true but it's false. It's like inner peace, alot of laughing, just pure enjoyment. Lots of colors, trails, just like being in total peace. Have tripped over a 100 times back in the late 80s early 90s. On your first trip , trip with someone who has done it before. Go to an open field on a warm summer night with the lightnin bugs, freaking AWESOME!!!

  5. YO! When you said, "so, you could be driving home, and get high again ten days later?" That happened to my friend when we were driving home! We're on the freeway, and I'm just chilling in the passengers seat, then suddenly, my friend (who was driving) starts going, "Oh my god… Oh My God… OH MY GOOOOODDDDD!!!" His eyes were almost as big as the windshield! I'm like, "holy sh*t, what's wrong, man? Pull over!"

    He regained control pretty quickly, and started to laugh. "Dude, I just had an acid flashback! Everything in my vision stretched out into a single point, then SLINGSHOT back to normal!" I was like, "hey, you can let me out here, bruv. You can call me a 'Proclaimer', cos I will walk 500 miles home!"

  6. If you guys do take acid, it won't be as you might think. You won't have full lsd experience after, but you can have "flashbacks" that lasts few seconds, more like interruption of thought from time to time. Also, be aware of fact that acid taking is not solo thing to do, at least for first few times. Have comfortable surroundings, friend or two who you trust and (if possible) stress freed mind at that point (of taking).

  7. Y'all getting a sub from me. You guys know how to commentate. You don't constantly stop the video and explain shit that we already know. And you don't have an overly long intro will you ask everybody to follow you on every social video on Earth. You just react, which of these reaction channels totally forget about

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