MARSHYDRO VS ELECTRICSKY the gram per watt race 🏁

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  1. Totally Lit and Looking Fantastic! Budz on Budz! I believe you've Defolated Great, I probably wouldn't take any more leaves off! HLG vs MarsHydro would be Badass! I Received your package and it's Awesome! Thank You! I'm catching up on Updates, see ya on the Next one! Cheers!!! Much Props and Much Love!💯💡🌳🎁🔥💣💥🎆🎉🍻💚💪👊✊👍✌

  2. Bro both of those tents are looking great but that Electric Sky is just fantastic,you know better than me about defoliating because I always seem to forget doing it 👍👊

  3. Had me scratching my head wondering where you were LoL I'd leave em b and ride em on out they should take care of there own now I wld think. Thanks for the update my friend. Cheers

  4. Yeahhhhhhh alrightttttttttt nice very nice 👍 plants looking amazing bro if the leaves is not blocking any bud sites leave them plus you already trim up the bottom so you don’t need lights down there so leave the leaves alone cheers

  5. Hell no leave her alone. Poor girl has been thru enough 🤦‍♂️Butchered it🤣🤣🤣It is a bad ass light for 150 watts. I’d like to see a grow off between those Electra sky and a spiderfarmer. Now that would be a good video. I’d put my money on the spiderfarmer.
    Great show bro. Look forward to the final weigh in. ✌🏻💨💨

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