Louis Theroux on Legalising Marijuana & His Craziest Interviews! | The Big Narstie Show

Louis Theroux joins Big Narstie and Mo Gilligan, discussing marijuana and his weirdest interviews! Subscribe to Channel 4 for more: Watch …


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  2. As a non smoker who feels physically ill and start gagging when the smell is near me…..had an episode with ordinary cigarette…..please pity and have mercy. I have moved out of a nice flat because someone smoked weed in my building. I am not against you but my life and health is suffering. Could it be done in a smoking room…like a licenced hookah joint….or Vype room or like they have in Amsterdam.
    I was glad when indoor smoking was stopped in pubs….I can go in knowing my lungs would not act up or asthma attack. Smokers continuously litter the floor and pollute the air….yet people are complaining about plastic bags and bottles…and alcoholics have not given me health issues. The number of people suffering from secondary smoke was reduced after the smoking ban….why not have a licenced smoking lounge instead?

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