Kelly Rowland, Usher, Diddy & More Unite At The 'Saving Our Selves: BET COVID-19 Relief Effort' Show

BET has established a COVID-19 relief fund in partnership with United Way Worldwide to support African Americans who have been severely impacted by the …


  1. Man two months later….I remember being in a state of shock when this aired Live……..Usher and Ella Mai got to perform JUST DON'T WASTE MY TIME ON SUNDAY

  2. The intro was EVERTHING 😍 what an amazing way to open a show like this. I really enjoyed and felt the luv BET. Well done and too all our wonderful artists ❤️. Luv u Anthony! 💕

  3. Man listen ! Love the recordings I been watchin ya for some time now. Im Royce and I NO CAP figure we could work. Or on the other hand trade social medias. I got IG aswell. @officialroycej what you think ?

  4. so so glad to see videos like this during the quarantine…..we NEED videos like this to inspire "regular" people that even during lockdown, we can still find alternatives to make ourselves feel beautiful and overcome whatever we got going on. Kirk, Usher, all of them…their voices are BUTTER!!!! My wife and I have tried to have at LEAST once a week a date night where we get all dressed up and have a floor picnic (sound track either is a Usher or Kirkplaylist)….My wife is still the queen that I fell in love with, that's what she deserves COVID or not right? We have been so blessed during this quarantine with more quality time and communication then we have had our entire relationship. For that we are so grateful….we actually were able to kick off our youtube channel @ during this craziness….how does a white jewish guy from the woods in Maine fall in love with a christian black queen from Detroit? You will have to subscribe and tune in to find out. Stay happy and healthy y'all!!!

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