1. Hello my friend, your taking all the THC oil out of the flower by using your fingers. Always a grinder. There are different grade grinders (course,fine) , Next you don't have enough heat in a rolled joint to vape the oil you add so it just burns like the paper and is lost. Works psychology but your not getting any benefit from that. Again you made a Gram of hash last years,lol at best 1 month no matter how you keep it before the THC in it became inert. You may want to get a basic chemistry book and read up on this subject. THC has a shelf life that is very short. The laboratory conditions required to keep it fresh for maybe 2 years is well beyond the regular user. Great stories. Nice video.

  2. Ny has stuff that's expiring so lots of great deals right now but still like iv said ny sux no flowers, smoke anything only vape carts, tinctures, n tablets/capsules

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