1. To everyone claiming “violence never works” tell me, how exactly do you think slavery ended? The slaves sang Kumbaya until the plantation owners felt guilty?

  2. That black woman made racist statement. Saying that only white people trust cops that's b*******. That kind of makes her a hypocrite for calling cops racist when she just made it a stereotype about white people.

  3. I like Jeff Ross' kind roasting style. I appreciate what he's doing here but as someone outside of the USA I have to say it's really weird seeing the commissioner and other police trying to defend themselves by saying that not all police are bad so to not paint them with the same brush. That argument doesn't really stand because 1. their positions give them power over people which is a serious responsibility, and 2. they are talking about job professionalism for which there should be a minimum standard – like doctors and accountants, they don't have leeway to make mistakes. They are professionals who have the power to take away others' freedoms and rights. For this reason they all need do their job consistently professionally and remain well within the powers granted to them so that they do not impinge on people's rights unnecessarily. Officers abusing these powers should simply be prosecuted swiftly to make sure the force is squeaky clean.

    I think it's the absence of this that exacerbates the public's frustration here. Cops should be making sure EVERYONE is behaving legally – from the elite to the poor, from lay people to cops – they should not be turning a blind eye just because the perpetrators are within their own professional circle. If a teacher was abusing some of their students in a school, and the other teachers covered for them we would not only expect immediate removal and prosecution of the abusive teacher, but stern consequences for the covering staff and even the school, wouldn't we? It's disturbing that this cover-up behaviour is condoned and spoken about so openly by the police.

    Thus the police culture of covering for one another should be eliminated. It gives the absolutely contradictory message to the public that police are going to exercise loyalty to one another over abiding by the law. It also sends the message that lay people can't expect justice for wrongful actions by police officers. Perhaps setting up stringent independent checks and balances to catch and squash such behaviour swiftly and harshly to eliminate it, with consequences like some kind of behavioural record, prosecution and being expelled from the police force by not only the perpetrators but those who knew and kept it secret.

    Finally, I also noticed the cops' response to being apprehended by people who had experienced abuse or injustice, was to avoid professional connection by saying they themselves weren't there – a more professional response would be to take it very seriously, apologise on behalf of the police, take details and assist the person take action towards justice. After all, that's what the police force are there for – no wonder people don't feel heard, and no wonder the situation is escalating. It's not something you can just passify through asking understanding – the rotten apples need to be weeded out and the police need to show that they are for responsible law enforcement equally for everyone, no matter who. It sounds like the 'good' officers are doing the best they can in a toxic police culture, and it is the culture that needs a serious overhaul.

  4. Tarantino was the only shit stain on this otherwise remarkable production trying to bring communities together. If we didn't have idiots breaking the law, we wouldn't even need cops. Yet those same idiots can't wait to sue the city when something goes awry during their apprehension. Yeah, cops must be held to a higher standard, and bad cops should be dealt with appropriately, but you can't go thru your entire life just hating all cops. You'll need them one day, and suddenly you'll appreciate what you've missed for all that time.

  5. Thanks Jeff. Love that you spoke to both sides of the coin. The protesters and the police. You displayed to us that everybody wants to be understood and everybody needs to laugh at themselves.

  6. Loved the jokes but still i am not a fan of USA as a vacation spot bcuz of the cops and all the guns. Both sides at war don't make a country safe. Be proud of what USA accomplish but peace within its borders its not of of thous things.

  7. When I heard ross was gonna roast those cops…I thought those cops' record of not shooting an unarmed person for over 20 years was gonna end….lol

  8. This is so funny but also, so terrifying. Of course not all Police Officers are bad men. Many love their job and do good things for their communities, but way too many don't. I hope the US can fix this one day..

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