Installing A HEADLIGHT On My KLX110! | The Road To Legalization..

When the snow falls, the pit bikes come out. Unfortunately the snow fell at night and that left us with only a few options. I could have taped a flashlight to the bars, …


  1. Can someone explain, if the bike originally has an offroad title what do you need after you install all the street stuff? What if it had a title that doesnt say offroad? Is an inspection of the items necessary prior to getting papers?

  2. Nice bike and video too! Wich one you prefer? the klx 110 or ttr 110.

    I want to buy a new one but I'm confused. Some suggestions?

    One like + Sub… you deserve it!

  3. for a laugh… try to hook the extra headlight with drill battery (20v) if you have it…give it an experiment and see the result? im thinking to add on my klx300r which doesnt have battery to power a led unfortunately but drill battery maybe will do the trick?

  4. At least you guys have the option to make a bike street legal. Her in NC we are not so fortunate. At least I don’t think so. I’ve never heard of anyone being able to do this in my state. Maybe I should ask at DMV

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