How to make extra strength CBD oil

cbd #cbdoil #cbdtincture In this video I share with you my recipe for extra stregth CBD oil . We use MCT oil and our own organic CBD hemp flower along with …


  1. Awesome vid!!!!! NO unnecessary babbling or vauge instructions!!! Thanks for sharing your knowledge! Wish i could get hemp in canada like the U.S. we have to pay premium prices for cbd sativa thatbis non phycoactive as the cost of high thc weed!!! Just ridiculous

  2. I copied your exact method and added the sunflower mine dont smell to good, I used mct. My question is can the sunflower extract alter the taste as it doesn't taste weedy at all, cheers?

  3. How do you consume it? Sips? Eyedropper? In food? And hows this potency wise compared to infused coconut cooking oil you think? I tried with vegetable glycerin and it tasted horrible. I'm gonna try this and everclear in the future with hemp flower

  4. Could you do gammy bear with it. What's the best cdb oil to make for someone with corin and ms. Where could I buy the flower. Do you sale it. If yes how much. You got picture of your peraduct. Sorry can't speak right.

  5. Can I make cbd oil in a mason jar in a crock pot? What temp for the crock pot and how long? If I use an oz of flower, how much mct oil to make a really strong oil?

  6. Hi there! What is the purpose of the lectin?

    Have you ever had your oils tested? I've always wondered if the magic butter really extract in that short amount of time. Thank you!

  7. Your videos are solid and on point as per usual, thank you. I am getting a stx infuzium 420 this friday and i plan on using 23% suver haze. Does it keep its terpene profile pretty decent using these machines and methods?

  8. Can you tell me how I can figure out the strength
    I normally buy a 30 ml bottle that is 500 in strength what percentage of CBD plant material should I be using to make my own oil

  9. I'll decarb 1 oz to 2 cups of mct oil in magic butter machine , afterwards if its too weak or I want it stronger , I'll decarb another oz and redo using the first batch that already has the 1st oz

  10. Low oil-carrying ,less impurity activated bleaching earth is the best choice to purify CBD oil,please kindly contact me for more details and free samples,whatsapp:+86 18605024651,thanks.

  11. Hi I am new to this, your videos are very helpful but I am a bit confused. How do I determine the mg of my oil? Is it based purely on the exact mg of the flower used? Example if I use 2000mg of the flower would my oil be 2000mg?

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