1. I had a 630 W ceramic metal halide light in my 4 by 8 10 along with another 315 watt ceramic metal halide but when I added the 630 it was getting light burn because they were too close to the plants. when I took out the 630 Watt the plant started to flower because there was so much less light. With that technique of turning the light off for 24 hours help with me as well?

  2. Leds stack up because there Design to be the exact spectrum of the color they need for a cannabis plant it doesn't matter if it has all the spectrums because the best thc develops under a 3500 k best and veg for 6500 k You can look it up on Google and LEDs hold up again because you can use twice imore lights with the same intensity same and same wavelength for half the electricity bill there just more pricey I would recommend 1st the Electric sky or second the The optic mini or A spider farm led

  3. Dude, the thing I wanna thank you for is your focus on your grow and on sharing what you wanna share with the club. In the times like this, I wish I had a filter on my gadgets so I could only receive the info I find useful, like your posts. Cheers bro!

  4. I would be interested to see your watering technique. How do you control your run off? I like the tote idea but for me to try it I need to know more about how they are used. Thank you for your time

  5. Master , it made dwarf your plants like you said and get a higher yieldit could have confused them to thinking that they're going to have to put fatter buds on you will see. Love watching your shows keep them coming I learned a lot from your shows I grow organic I used some of your techniques and they workthe key to any of grows is consistency and being clean and organized

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